Zoom enables you to hold meetings and video calls online with many people around the world, as the application is popular in many countries, especially among business owners, in order to hold meetings between them.
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Download the Zoom application for Android and iPhone for free 2023

Zoom app
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Zoom enables you to hold meetings and video calls online with many people around the world, as the application is popular in many countries, especially among business owners, in order to hold meetings between them. It is also used in distance education if many universities that teach distance learning adopt it for communication. With students, one caller hosts the call and has full permissions, the call may have more than 100 other callers, and permissions can be shared with other callers.

How to download Zoom on mobile?

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Download the Zoom application for Android and iPhone now through this article, through which we will explain the Zoom application and mention its features. You can also download the application through the link at the bottom of this article.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

After you download the install Zoom  application, you can install the application on your iPhone or Android device. After you install the application, you can log in to the application, by clicking on the sign in option. Add your email and password if you have an email and password, but if You do not have an email. You can go to the Sign up free option to create a new email and password (new Google account).

Is Zoom free?

You can download the Zoom application for free from application stores and you can create a free account, but it allows you to reach 100 devices at one time only for free and for a specific time of up to 40 minutes. However, it provides users with the option to upgrade the subscription to its plans while allowing users to reach 500 people at one time. One without restrictions.

How to register an account on Zoom

  • After you click on the sign up free option, you will go directly to the Zoom website to register a new account on the application.
  • First, you will write your date of birth, the month, and the day you were born. After writing your date of birth, the day, and the month, you click on Content.
  • Then you go to the second step after writing your date of birth, which is writing your email address. It is preferable that your email be on Google . After you write the email, you click on the sign up option to save your email.
  • After clicking on sign up, the application will send a confirmation message to the email address that you logged in using.
  • You go to your Gmail to open the confirmation message that was sent to you by the application to confirm your account on the application.
  • After you enter your email and enter the confirmation message, you click on the confirmation link in the message that was sent to you, to confirm your account on the Zoom program.
  • After confirming your account on the application, you write your first name and the second name, which is the family name, that is, the surname. Then you write your own password by writing numbers and upper and lower case letters (capital and first name).
  • Then you confirm the password through the second box to confirm the password.
  • After you write your name and create a password, you agree to the application’s policy and terms, then click Continue.
  • You can invite your friends and those you know to use the application by writing the name with your email, pressing the Captcha button to confirm, and pressing invite.
  • After registering an account on the Zoom website, you can use this account to log in to the application, by registering your email and password.
  • Then the application opens directly on your device.

How to set up the Zoom application

  • After you log in, click Zoom logo using the email and password you created in your account on the Zoom website. You can use all the features of the application without any problems.
  • Through the main interface of the application, you will find options, and among these options is New Meeting. This option you choose if you would like to start the meeting and be the person who will send it.
  • The second option, which is available on the application interface after the new mtting option, is the join option or icon, through which you can join the meeting.
  • The third option or the third icon is schedule, which is an icon that enables you to schedule the meeting.
  • The fourth icon, which is share screen, enables you to share the screen.

We return to the first icon in the Zoom-Room application, which is the New Meeting icon or Join Zoom Meeting. You click on the small arrow below the icon, and go to the third option to ask your colleagues.

After you send your hands, you send it to anyone so that they take your ID in the Zoom application, then go to the application to choose the third icon, Join a Zoom Meeting, to join the meeting that you conducted on the application.

Features of the Zoom application

  1. The Zoom application is characterized by the fact that you can hear the sound with high accuracy, in addition to the fact that through the application you can detect sounds with great ease.
  2. Make a video call in very high resolution.
  3. Through the application, you can display the screen in full, covering the entire screen.
  4. You can create more than one conversation and join them easily and without any difficulty.
  5. You can join the conversation and listen without having to speak
  6. The ability to activate full screen mode and display different videos during meetings.
  7. You can host an unlimited number of individual meetings with numbers of up to 100 participants in the free version.
  8. Accessibility of content by participants who are unable to join at the specified time.
  9. Distinctive design through the tools and capabilities available to communicate effectively.
  10. The ability to record all meetings and save them on your computer. Download the Zoom program for the computer.

Download Zoom for computer for free

The Zoom program is available in many versions that work on various platforms, such as Android and iPhone, which you can download through our website malavida from the link above. It also has a version for the computer. Zoom also has a website that you can use and conduct interviews and video calls through without downloading. Application.

What's new

Meeting features
-Expanded language support for AI Companion questions
Resolved Issues
-Minor bug fixes
-Security enhancements



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