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WhatsApp Red is one of the most famous modified versions of WhatsApp, which has become very popular among many people because of the very beautiful features it offers that are not available in many modified WhatsApp versions, and this is what makes it unique from others.
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What is red WhatsApp?

Red WhatsApp application icon
Red WhatsApp application icon

Red WhatsApp It is one of the most famous modified versions of WhatsApp that has become very popular among many people because of the very beautiful features it offers that are not available in many modified WhatsApp versions, and this is what makes it unique from others. This is because it is a light application on the mobile phone that does not require fast internet to send messages.

Registration in this application is through the phone number and sending the verification code to the phone number that you entered to ensure your personal protection from any harm that befalls you. The application then performs its function. The application also allows… You can make a voice call and make a video call.

You can also control the chat of the friend you are talking to, through the fact that you can change the colors of your chat, and you can also block the chat that you do not want to talk to. This program provides you with several things, including controlling the personal account. With the possibility of changing your number and permanently deleting your number from the application.

There are many updates in WhatsApp Red and many new features that you will find in the application WhatsApp Gold, as the Arab developer Abu Arab has provided you with all of these Free means that help you communicate with others so that you can enjoy the advantage of placing a fingerprint on Protect those messages between you and all numbers, and after that you can enter the settings and you will find that there are different topics that can activate many appearances.

WhatsApp Red app is one of the most important chat and messaging applications currently available. The developer, Abu Arab, downloaded WhatsApp Red and worked on developing and issuing this version in order to put within it wonderful features that are not found within any other application. We will mention these features and characteristics in the rest of the article so that you can get to know them. Continue Please read in order to understand all the features and features of the application.

What’s new in WhatsApp Red Abu Arab

There are many updates and many new features that you will find in the application Red WhatsApp, as the Arab developer Abu Arab has provided you with all these methods. The free app that helps you communicate with others, as you have the feature of setting a fingerprint to protect those messages between you and all numbers. After that, you can go into the settings and you will find there the different themes with which you can activate many themes, and then you can use the search to find the theme that suits you.< /span>

You can turn on the dark, black mode that is available in the latest and most modern version of WhatsApp Red, and after that you will be able to send group messages to more than 5 people at the same time, or create these huge groups and put in them whatever number of users, and after that you will find that you can Archive all old messages and access them and view all their texts and contents at the time you want.

WhatsApp Red, the latest version, contains many wonderful features and additions, which are as follows:

  • Add an option to send a group message to groups
  • Adding a proxy feature to unblock WhatsApp calls
  • Return the floating button feature within conversations
  • Now you can delete the message for everyone, even after 100 years
  • Add night mode to WhatsApp. To activate, click on the icon next to turning off the Internet on the WhatsApp main screen.
  • Adding a new theme server that contains more than 1000 themes and fixing the theme problem
  • Exclusively separate group/private conversations individually
  • Added dragging of the conversation row for quicker access to additional options [Home screen > Top bar
  • Added a new fingerprint interface
  • Add a bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the home screen [Home screen > upper bar]
  • Add, change and download the emoji type from the style to reduce the copy size
  • Adding options for notifications, such as changing the colors of who is online now and who has changed their profile picture
  • Added an option to see all deleted messages
  • Play new animated stickers
  • Added an option to use phone emojis
  • Improving the arrangement of all add-on options and features and creating a wonderful appearance to suit users
  • Improved reducing the copy size to 35 MB
  • Improve the @mention option to find out people who mentioned you in groups
  • Improved performance and better speed
  • Improved deletion of the floating button icon within conversations
  • Improving the hiding of the quick chats option. You can activate it from Add-ons and Features > Chat screen
  • Improved the appearance of the status download button and the status view button
  • Fix the problem of downloading media such as photos and videos in Android 10 versions
  • Fixed the appearance of the caller image in the status incorrectly
  • Fix the crash problem when changing the old 2016 platform
  • Fixed the status text disappearing when answering the caller’s status
  • Fixed the toolbar’s color changing to white sometimes
  • Fix the themes not appearing on the server
  • Fix the appearance of a black bar when navigating
  • Fix the crash problem when running the automatic response and scheduling when the language is changed to English
  • Many improvements and fixes

Privacy features WhatsApp Red latest update

  • Hide Online Status: You can freely hide your online and chat status and show it to everyone without an internet connection (offline).
  • Hide the second check: You can hide the second check when the message arrives to you, for contacts and groups, when any messages are delivered.
  • Hide Recording Status: You can hide the recording status of contacts and group, when recording audio.
  • Hide typing status: You can hide typing for contacts and group, when you are writing a message.
  • Read deleted messages: with this amazing option! You can read deleted messages, and prevent your friends from deleting messages after they sent them to you.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group, when you open audio.
  • Hide View Status: You can hide the view status of contacts (your name will not appear if you have viewed the status of friends).
  • Hide blue check marks: You can hide the blue message read for contacts and groups, when you read any received messages.

What are the differences between the red WhatsApp application and the official green WhatsApp application?

  1. The size of the green WhatsApp application is about 85 MB, which is a relatively large size compared to the download of the red WhatsApp Abu Arab, which does not exceed 73 MB.
  2. In WhatsApp Red, you can block the notification of reading messages, while this feature is not available in the official WhatsApp Green app.
  3. Red WhatsApp allows you to send more than 90 images with one click, while Green WhatsApp limits this number to 30 images at once.
  4. Visibility can be hidden in both, but only in WhatsApp Red you can hide the “Online Now” mode.
  5. In Green WhatsApp, you can send a video of your status that is no longer than 30 seconds, while in Red WhatsApp you can send larger video clips that are longer than 30 seconds.
  6. You cannot see messages deleted by some friends in Green WhatsApp, as those messages do not appear completely, while you can see all deleted messages in Red WhatsApp.

Is downloading the WhatsApp Red Plus application safe for users’ privacy and data?

The process of downloading WhatsApp Red Plus is safe, and there is no need to worry about data privacy yet. However, we must remember that although it falls within the WhatsApp family of messaging applications, it is modified by third parties. In general, there could be some programmers who are seeking to make illegal profit, placing some malware in the application.

These programs may be designed to spy or interfere with user data in an unknown manner, so we always recommend that you download these applications from well-known sites such as assem mahgoub website. He is considered one of the largest developers of modified versions of WhatsApp.

Important note for WhatsApp Red users:

Please be careful when you download any version of WhatsApp bearing the name WhatsApp Red from any other website or from any Telegram channel other than our official channel “Click here to enter the Abu Arab Telegram channel” Therefore, I advise you to subscribe to the Telegram channel because there is more than one person who edits copies of WhatsApp Red and publishes them under his name.

Therefore, in order to preserve your conversations and important messages, do not download any copy from any sources other than our website malavida.app. You can search on Google when you want to. whatsapp red download, type in the Google search engine whatsapp red 3ssem.

A simple note: The latest version of WhatsApp Red apk is 9.10, meaning if you have a version other than this one, I am not responsible for these versions and there is no need for you to contact me and say that there are problems with WhatsApp while you are downloading versions other than mine.

What are the available versions of the Abu Arab WhatsApp application?

Abu Arab WhatsApp Red version
Also Abu Arab Blue WhatsApp version
Abu Arab WhatsApp Gold version This version is completely safe, and all versions of WhatsApp are against bans.
And also the Abu Arab Al-Akhdar WhatsApp version

What's new

Features of WhatsApp Red:
Group calls: There is a feature for making group calls, as the main purpose of WhatsApp applications is to communicate with friends, and through this feature you will be able to call more than one person at the same time by making a call with a friend and then clicking on the icon, and this is explained in Next picture.
Show deleted messages: In the original application, if a friend sent a message to you and deleted it, you would not be able to see the message sent to you, and this was annoying for some, but with the Red Abu Arab WhatsApp application, you will be able to read the deleted message.
Privacy of photos and videos: It is annoying that all the media sent to us by friends is downloaded to our phone, as this takes up a lot of space, but the WhatsApp Plus Gold Abu Arab application allows you to prevent this media from appearing on your gallery.
Support for WhatsApp stickers: Recently, stickers that are used on WhatsApp applications have spread, and these stickers increase the fun of chatting, and through the Red Abu Arab WhatsApp application, you will be able to send and receive these stickers easily.


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