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The starmaker lite application is an upgraded and modified version of the original Star Maker application, as it is considered an entertainment program through which you can sing and make your phone your own microphone to unleash your singing talent.
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Download StarMaker Lite

Star Maker Lite application
Star Maker Lite application

Star Maker may be the best social music app you’ve ever seen! Why do we say this? Because here you can sing your own takes on top hits from over two million songs! You can sing along with your favorite artists and over 40 million users can sing along with you! You can also create the best recordings with a wide range of sound effects, share your tracks with all your friends and get likes! Let’s enjoy music, let’s enjoy life!

what is star maker?

Download Star Maker
Download Star Maker

Download Star Maker Lite is an advanced and modified version of the original Star Maker application, which is considered an entertainment program through which you can sing and make your phone your own microphone to unleash the singing talent that you have, and it helps you to live an enjoyable experience of your singing through the easy handling that you find through Any song you want to sing live.

The Star Maker Lite program contains a large number of users with whom you can sing. It also contains Arabic, foreign, and other singing pieces. It contains extensive recordings and uses them to unleash your talent and sing with it clearly. That is, you can create your own song and share it with friends via social media. This The program is an entertainment program, as we mentioned previously, because through it you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Aside from the fun of singing along with starmaker app, the social aspect might be one of the best features of this app. From the main screen of the app, you can take a look at popular videos and your friend’s videos, and all the karaoke videos will be neatly saved to your profile.

There are many different features that you will get here when you sing here. You will enjoy music and singing in a unique way with all the other friends who use the application. You can sing together in one voice through all the audio effects found here. There are many audio tools that you can use directly. When singing, you will have complete control over all the effects present here in such a voice that you sing through the application. You will find all of this here.

What does Star Maker Lite provide for you?

Download Star Maker program
Download Star Maker program

Downloading old Star Maker Lite provides many free features and services that are provided to all users in all countries of the world. Through the Star Maker program for Android, you can record songs and make new friends around the world through the chat rooms in the Starmaker application. You can also create the best recordings through… The sound effects that the starmaker app provides you with, and you can share your tracks with all your friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get many likes and followers around the world.

After downloading starmaker app, the StarMaker program creates a section for you that contains all your information and data. It is the personal profile section, which is symbolized by the (I) option, which you can access with ease in the StarMaker application, as it is located at the bottom left of the program interface, and you can View all your audio tracks that were recorded through this section, view your daily tasks, and many of the many services that are found in this section.

is starmaker lite free

Yes, Star Maker Lite is a free version of the full Star Maker app. Here are some key things to know about Star Maker Lite:

  • It can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There are no in-app purchases required.
  • The Lite version has limitations compared to the full paid version. For example, it only allows working on one song at a time and has fewer audio effects/instruments.
  • With Star Maker Lite you can record vocals, add backing tracks, apply audio effects like reverb and pitch correction. Basic editing tools are also available.
  • Finished songs created in Lite can be exported as MP3 files to share or listen to later. However, some advanced export options may be limited.
  • Upgrading to the full Star Maker unlock all features like multi-track recording, additional audio effects, full song library access, etc. This requires purchasing a subscription.
  • Even with limitations, Star Maker Lite is capable of producing simple demo recordings and works well for beginners to try out the app.

what is the difference between starmaker app and starmaker lite

Here are the main differences between StarMaker and Star Maker Lite:

Track Limit

StarMaker Lite allows working on one track at a time.

StarMaker allows unlimited tracks per song.

Audio Effects/Instruments

  • StarMaker Lite has fewer effects and virtual instruments to choose from.
  • StarMaker has a more robust library.

Mixing/Editing Tools

  • Mixing and editing capabilities are more limited in Lite, like fewer track parameters to control.
  • StarMaker offers full mixing board.

File Export

  • StarMaker Lite lets you export to mp3.
  • StarMaker allows exporting mixes in higher quality formats.

Online Library

StarMaker Lite does not provide access to the full online library of beats, loops and backing tracks. StarMaker does.

Online Features

StarMaker allows sharing songs online and accessing community features. Lite version does not support these social integrations.

Subscription Required

  • StarMaker Lite is completely free forever with no subscriptions.
  • StarMaker requires a paid subscription to unlock all tools.

Overall Quality

Produced songs on StarMaker Lite will have less layers and refinement options compared to StarMaker.

star makers download features

It’s your turn to make up your mind: impress the judges! +

  • Sing like a star with amazing features like self-tuning, sharpness guides and a huge range of sound effects!+
  • Record your songs as a music video!+
  • Share with our community and on social media with your friends!+
  • Watch amazing tracks from others who love the power of music from around the world, like and share!+

Singing is fun! Sing your talent for the world to see!

  • Start singing along to this chart-topping song from artists like Bruno Mars, Jassie J, Selena Gomez and more.
  • The more you sing, the more songs you unlock!
  • New karaoke clips released daily: You’ll never run out of songs!

Share and let people discover you

  • Publish your karaoke videos for friends and followers to share on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram … Share on our network with the Star maker community for quick progress in building your fan base.
  • Watch thousands of karaoke tracks, vote for the best singers and like your favorite songs

Features of downloading StarMaker Lite

  • Free singing entertainment program.
  • You can share clips with friends.
  • The application is very interesting and you can use it during your free time.
  • The size of the application is very small and does not cause a problem on your device’s space.
  • The application contains a lot of sound effects.
  • You can create private music rooms.
  • It contains many tracks that you can record with high quality.
  • The application design is distinctive and easy to use.

How to download Star Maker for Android

These are the steps to download Star Maker on your Android phone:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Search “Star Maker” in the search box.
  • Click on the “Install” option under the search result.
  • Follow the instructions to continue the installation process. You may be asked to agree to some permissions.
  • Once the installation is complete, the Star Maker icon will appear on your phone’s Home screen.
  • Click on the icon to open the program and start using it.
  • Follow the program’s instructions to access its various features such as music production and recording.

What's new

1. 3D Grab Mic mode launched.
2. Optimize the template effect used to post songs.


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