أهلاً بك في شاهد، وجهتك الأمثل للاستمتاع بمجموعة واسعة من أعمال شاهد الأصلية ومسلسلات وأفلام حصرية تعرض لأول مرة، بالإضافة إلى البث المباشر لقنواتك المفضلة وغيرها الكثير.
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Download the Shahid application without ads for iPhone and Android

Watch shahid

Download Shahid VIP app

shahid is a service that allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows online, and it specializes in displaying all series and technical and Islamic programs of all kinds in high definition quality and works on almost all devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs.

Witness - Shahid

The application and you can enjoy the application with ease and ease. Also, there are series in its various sections , including action series , thrillers, crime, or even Turkish drama, Arab drama, or even historical Arabic series. Downloading the Shahid Net Plus application for Android provides many free features and services that are provided to all users for free. The SHAHID application or service provides a complete and integrated library of the most important and best series that are currently shown on the channel series or that were previously shown on the channel. The application also updates the library on a daily basis so that you do not miss any episode.


Supports many dialects Shahid Net app for iPhone supports many dialects in the world There is constant update as the designers of Shahid Net Android give up customer convenience by following customers and listing their recommended channels and series, despite the strong content and new spaces of the app And add everything that has high review rates.

Download Shahid Net for PC for free

Shahid gives its subscribers access to the biggest productions. Award-winning shows, streaming channels and series simulcast with showtime in the USA from Disney. Space Toon. Fox, Marvel. Star Wars and others, the Shahid application is updated for free periodically and continuously in the event of new updates and versions so that it works well because most users of other applications complain that the application does not work, so the developers are keen on the periodic update of the program.

Have you seen a free app?

Many people hear about the Shahid application, but ask whether it is free or not. Downloading the program is completely free, but after downloading it, you must subscribe to one of the plans provided by the application in order to be able to access the content provided by Shahid at any time. with me.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Shahid Net?

Downloading the Shahid program has three plans to subscribe to, the first plan for 49 pounds per month and enables you to watch on one screen only, the second plan for 29 pounds per month, but in case you want to subscribe for a full year, or the third plan, which is for 24 pounds per month It enables you to have limited access to the content of the platform, and Shahid is considered one of the most famous Arab platforms in the Middle East in terms of mass turnout and countless digital series and movies.

Shahid application properties

Enjoy the new every week

Subscribe to Watch Live TV packages and enjoy an unlimited world of entertainment for you and your family:

Shahid’s original works

The best original and exclusive Arabic productions in the world

Live sports in HD

Follow the Saudi Roshan League and other sports competitions in HD

Live events

Enjoy many events such as Riyadh Season, Jeddah Season, and other live concerts and plays.

without ads

An entertaining experience without ad breaks

Live broadcast

Enjoy watching your favorite channels live in HD

Movies and series shown for the first time

Be the first to watch the latest movies and TV series

Exclusive offers before TV or cinema

The best movies and TV series before they are shown on TV or in the cinema

Safe content for children

A safe world of entertainment programs for children

More than one profile

You can assign a profile to each member of your family to watch freely

Download content and watch it offline

You can easily download your favorite programs to watch them later without the need for the Internet

Unlimited number of devices

Use your account across your devices and watch your favorite shows on three devices at the same time

Watch wherever you are

Enjoy watching your favorite shows from anywhere in the world

Shahid application features

  • The program offers you a huge and complete library of the best series that are currently shown in cinema and television, as well as the latest Arab films.
  • is available in most languages ​​to suit all users. Examples of these languages ​​are Arabic, English, French and others.
  • It has a frequently updated media library. Stay up to date with the latest movies and series for free.
  • You can create your account to receive personal information about Shahid Net news and offers.
  • A free version of the application is available on the official iPhone store, which is the App Store.
  • Another service that follows Shahid is Shahid Plus, a service that allows you to watch exclusive series only.

What's new

رمضان مع شاهد دائماً غير! بالشكل الجديد والمحتوى المميّز سنعيش الأجواء التقليدية التي ننتظرها كل سنة.


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