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Plus Messenger, or Telegram Plus for the phone, is classified as one of the best secure messaging programs and has been translated into more than 20 languages. The application is a modified version of Telegram that adds new features that were missing in the official application.
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What is the Plus Messenger application?

Plus Messenger application icon
Plus Messenger application icon

Plus Messenger or Telegram Plus for the phone and it is classified as one of the best secure messaging programs and has been translated to more From 20 languages, the application is a modified version of Telegram that adds new features that were missing in the official application.

The application contains many themes that you can use so that you can change the colors in many things, as well as the sizes for texts, words, titles, and icons. The Messenger Plus app also helps you make many themes yourself and thus you can share them with your friends. Also great privacy, as through this application you can hide your number by going to settings, going to privacy, and setting the hide number feature.

The Messenger Plus program does not differ much from the regular Telegram program in terms of the interface and general appearance. The Telegram Plus program, or as some call it, Telegram Plus is one of the fastest messaging applications in the world, and the Telegram Plus program has become an alternative and a strong competitor to other programs such as Facebook Messenger, Line Messenger, and others.

Plus Messenger apk
Plus Messenger

There are many advantages of Telegram Plus, which were added through the Messenger Plus program, especially the advantages of strong encryption, privacy, and high security that Telegram Plus provides, in addition to the advantages of self-destruction of messages and conversations of all kinds.

The self-destruct feature for calls, conversations, and messages from your device and from your speaker’s device has made many people prefer Messenger Plus over other competing social media programs, as you can automatically delete your secret conversations after a specific period of time of reading them through the self-destruct message option.

The features that distinguish it from the original application are many: the ability to change the interface color and theme, a new option that allows you to exchange music with a list of friends, the ability to hide your phone number in group chats as well as in individual chats, and the option not to show a notification every time a snapshot is taken in conversations. Private.

Features of the plus messenger apk application

  • Sections or tabs, which divides your conversations into: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, and the managers section.
  • Numerous settings to customize tabs for yourself.
  • Multiple accounts (maximum 10).
  • Categories. To put conversations in one place (sports, news, work…).
  • Category settings can be backed up to a file and restored.
  • Change the application’s default folder in the internal memory.
  • Multiple settings for sorting conversations.
  • We increased chat pinning to 100.
  • We increased favorite stickers to 20.
  • Show distinct notifications at the bottom of the screen when someone is writing or is active.
  • Multiple selection of a large number of conversations and actions (mute, unmute, archive).
  • Transferring the message without showing his account name. And modify the message during conversion.
  • Save files with their original names.
  • Selects a specific part of the message text and copies it.
  • Adjust the quality of images with a tape before sending them.
  • Show people’s bio when you are in the conversation.
  • The time is also added to the date hanging at the top of the screen within the conversation.
  • Start a rotated video with the rear camera.
  • Show the progress of downloads.
  • Switch between conversations using the quick navigation bar.
  • Show users’ messages and media in groups.
  • Buttons to show/hide, mute/unmute channels.
  • 10 new designs for message bubbles.
  • Hiding your number from the interface helps when taking screenshots.
  • Show username instead of number for screenshots in navigation drawer.
  • Switch to night mode with one button, which is the moon icon in the browsing drawer.
  • Show/hide selections from the navigation drawer (swipe to the side of the screen).
  • You can use your device’s emoji.
  • Use your device line within Plus.
  • Save Plus settings and retrieve them from a file.
  • Conversation counter.

Download Telegram Plus old version

Telegram Plus Gold application interfaces
Telegram Plus Gold application interfaces

Plus synchronizes all data to the cloud and can be browsed from any device such as a computer, tablet, or phone. An unlimited number of messages, photos, videos, and files can be sent of all types, the most important of which are (doc, .zip, .pdf, and others.) .

Groups with up to 20,000 members, files up to 2 GiB in size, creating channels and broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of subscribers, secret conversations with self-destruction of messages from the server and strong encryption. Do not give out your number just so someone is messaging you. You have a (username) that replaces you with a number or Links and anyone can find you with just a username and have a free conversation.

Download Telegram Plus Gold for Android

If you are looking to download plus messenger on your Android device, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for “Telegram Plus” Using the Google Play Store search feature.
  3. Select the Telegram Plus app from the displayed results.
  4. Click on the “Install” button To start the process of downloading and installing the application.
  5. Wait until the application is downloaded and installed on your smart device.

What's new

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· Reposting Stories
· Video Messages on Stories
· Premium: Profile Colors
· Premium: Wallpapers for Both Sides
· Voice-to-Text for Everyone
· Story Stats for Channels
· Custom Reactions for Channels
· Code Highlighting in Messages
· Improvements for Topics


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