Download the Kik Messenger program for chatting and chatting, the latest update of the program.
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Do you want to download the free kik application for Android? Do you want to download the kik online application for Android and iPhone? Do you want to know the features of the kik application? Do you want to learn about the disadvantages of the kik application.

This app has some very interesting features, such as a notification system that confirms that your messages have arrived and, most importantly, when they’ve been read by the recipient.

Download Kik old version

Download the kik messages program for chatting and chatting, the latest update of the program. The programmers and developers worked hard on the application by making a mixed mixture for it in order to contain a unique combination of all other social networking sites.

From here, you can download the KK app for free for Android and iPhone, and know the advantages and disadvantages of the KK app. Kik messenger is specialized in chatting and social networking, communicating with people around the world and from all European and Arab countries.

How does the Kik program work?

This application is one of the very popular applications, which offers many services and features, as the application has many users and a large number of downloads, the kik application is similar to other social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram,  WhatsApp and other social networking applications.

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The application is characterized by anonymity and privacy, as the application does not allow other users to see your email address or any personal user information, and the user name and profile picture appear to the public.

How to download kik app for iphone

You go directly to download the application through our store, which you will find a link to download the application for the iPhone for free, after you click on the download link, you will directly download the application on your iPhone, then you will go to the application icon to open the application on your device.

After you download and install the application successfully, you enter the kik application, then through the application interface you will go to the application settings, after entering the application settings, you will perform the registration process within the application so that you can use the application without any problems.

How to sign up for kik app

You add the username, and the username must not have been used in another account within the application, in order to make sure that the username that you are going to add does not exist in the kik app. You can search for it through the application, through the search box available in the application.

Then you will add the e-mail after you add the username directly, then add your name and password to your account in the kik live application in order to be able to create an account on the application, then after that you will be able to log in to the application successfully and you can now use the application in chatting and chatting with friends and others.

kik app notifications

Through the application notifications, you can activate image notifications, vibration, and preview messages. You can also report new people, and you can also deactivate any part of the notifications.

Kik chat settings

You can activate address book matching, block list, send key, etc., to be able to send any text message, pictures, videos, etc.

chat list in kik app

  • You can add many friends to the chat list in the application, so that you can message them and make calls with them.
  • If you want to message anyone through the application, all you have to do is click on the person’s name and you will be directed to the conversation menu to choose to accept the chat.
  • If you want to choose any person and chat with him in a regular chat, you will click on his name.
  • Then you click on the plus sign next to the chat bar.
  • After you click on the positive sign, a group of photos that are on your device will appear in front of you.
  • In addition to the best camera for taking pictures and some applications that you can get.
  • You can also from within this application call the person on another application or make a video call.
  • You can also get the favorite chats in the application that you added to refer to them at any time you want.

Sending process in kik app

You can activate the sending process in the application through the settings. You will click on the chat settings to activate the sending process.

How to set chat with anyone in kik app

  • You can mute the person who is chatting with you, so that he does not disturb you with his messages.
  • You can also delete the conversation you had with the person you messaged and chat with.
  • You can also block the person through the settings available in the conversation, or cancel the chat with him.
  • The application is very easy in the process of chatting, using and calling.
  • But you must focus during the username login process.
  • You have to search for your username in the application, and if you find that there is a name similar to your username, you will not be able to log in to the application unless you change the name.
  • You can also, through the application, change the display image in your account on the application.

kik app features

  • You can download the kikkik apk for free on Android or iPhone.
  • The application supports the Arabic language.
  • The application size is very light so that it does not take up much storage space on your device.
  • The application does not need a phone number, as you can log in without adding your phone number.
  • The KK application is easy to use, thanks to the availability of many services.
  • Through the KK application, you can send games.
  • You can also send photos, messages, chats, videos, and sounds for free.
  • You can choose the form of the conversation as you like.
  • You can send and share stickers and gifs.
  • You can make a story or a small video and share it in your story with your friends.
  • The application allows you to link with other social networking applications.
  • The application allows you to follow hashtags from any country in the world.

Disadvantages of the kik app

  • Most of the users of this application are children and adolescents, and this causes them problems with harassment and other things.
  • The application is dangerous for girls in the Arab world, as they may send inappropriate videos of the teachings of Islam.
  • This app is a swamp for those who abuse Islam.
  • There are some applications that spy on this application.
  • The application does not have any privacy, which causes the access of personal information to other people.

What's new

Dark mode is finally here! Check it out in chat settings.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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