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Hi Translate is one of the free apps provided and works as a text translator app from any language you want to another language, language translator to translate favorite text and translate fiction.
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hello translate

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Hi Translate is one of the free apps provided and works as a text translator app from any language you want to another language, language translator to translate favorite text and translate fiction. Free spoken and voice language translator for whatsapp and messenger which allows you to translate all languages ​​(like English) into Arabic etc.

Hi Translate also comes with many options such as the ability to use its features without an internet connection. This means that you will benefit even when you do not have Internet access. In addition, through the corresponding tab, you will be able to access a wide range of grammatical categories that you can learn to learn a good language.

hello translate

Whenever you need to translate during your travel, business trip or just learning high-level languages, you can perform advanced cross translation . This is a multi app smart translator that can use multiple languages ​​for you.

Conversation translation program for Android

Hi Translate comesin a very small size of no more than 8 bytes, which means that it does not require much memory space on the phone, plus it is also compatible with all mobile devices equipped with the Android operating system starting from Android. 5.0 or later, and this is what made the Hi Translate APK to achieve the best user experience in the field of simultaneous translation programs on mobile devices, and this is what made the developers of the program seek to provide versions compatible with the rest of the programsOperating systems such as iOS, Mac and others.

Hello Translate - Chat Translator

Once you enter the text by typing it or copy it from any other platform and paste it into the container. You will find that the text has been translated. As you can see in the example image above, you’ll find the word patient written in the adjacent box, and it’s been correctly translated into English on the white page below. You can also allow HiTranslate to pronounce the word or text correctly, or copy the text to paste it on any social media or other platform.

How to use Hi Translate app

First, install the application and when you open it, you will find in front of you a complete guide of the application, how to use and the proper method for translation and everything about the application, the wonderful High Translation, where you will be able to translate any sentence, either on Facebook or Instagram and other social media programs.

Also, you will be able to translate all the different news from any page and put them in the application with ease.

Hola Translate App Features

  • The size of the hi translate application is very small and does not exceed 8 bytes, which means that it does not require a large amount of memory space on the phone.
  • You can download the languages ​​you want to translate into, such as English, German, Russian, Hindi, French and other languages ​​you want to choose and translate at any time without internet
  • Once you enter the text, it will be easily translated and is characterized by the presence of the electronic speech function for words.
  • The ability to use it on all social networking sites.
  • The possibility of fast translation by copying words anywhere
  • The app is compatible with most of the phones as it requires Android 5.0 or higher, and it works on iOS systems.
  • The interface of the application has a very simple and elegant design, which makes it easy to use hi translate iphone.

Hello Translate main features

1) Translate via the app

Use Float Translator to translate the ball to any app. Chat without limits, read without interruptions

2) Translate the text

Real-time text translation of phrases and words

3) Translate images

Automatically recognize and translate photo text by taking photos and pressing buttons. Learn 18 languages.

4) Voice translation

Real-time voice translation for text and voice

5) offline translation

It can also be disconnected. Not restricted by the network.

6) Translate the conversation

At the same time, when speaking to each other in a foreign language, they must also speak each other’s language.

What languages ​​does Hi Translate support?

Albanian, Arabic, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Irish, Estonian, Oriya, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Polish, Bosnian, Persian, Bol (African), Tatar, Danish, German, Russian, French, Filipino, Finnish, Spanish and many plus Other foreign languages, adding up to 80 languages.

Our app uses the Accessibility API to help users get text from any app and provide text translations into their native language. The application does not capture your personal data and does not violate your privacy.



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