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Heyy app allows you to communicate through text or voice. For both possibilities you will need to have a permanent internet connection
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Download heyy Live Video Chat Pro application

Heyy app

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Heyy app allows you to communicate through text or voice. For both possibilities you will need to have a permanent internet connection, as this is the only way to communicate with your contacts, since pictures can only give the first impression, an instant video chat, even if it is short, can let you understand if Someone was your favourite.

When it comes to socializing online, what bothers you the most? Privacy leak? No themes? Social phobia or embarrassment? Tell you what, all these problems can be solved simply by Heyy a video chat social app in which you can connect with new people hidden behind a mask while having face to face conversations in video chat you (especially ladies) can “wear” exclusive masks to remain anonymous.

Free live broadcast software

Whether it’s a daily check-in or sharing the Heyy app with your existing friends, there are plenty of ways to get more gems on Heyy. You can use gems to send a new snapchat request to make a new friend. If you keep earning gems, unlimited friends is really what you’ll find on Heyy.

Hey app

Download the app and get into a cool online masquerade, meet new people with unknown enthusiasm. When you find the one you want to know more, you can take off your mask, of course always Lady First.

Heyy - Live Video Chat

What is unique about the application is that it has a simple and easy-to-use interface and does not require much experience in order to deal with the application, and one of the very wonderful things about the Heyy application, the latest version, is that it is compatible with all Android devices, whether strong resources and capabilities or even weak resources and capabilities, and you will be able to install it and run it on your device.

Main features of Heyy app

Really get to know someone

Heyy will initiate a call with the person who matches your preferences. Since photos can only make a first impression, an instant video chat, even if it’s short, can let you understand if someone is your favourite.

A safe and controlled space

When initiating the call, you can choose to hide behind an AR face mask, this way you’ll have a chance to get to know people without risking unpleasant situations. During the call one participant can suggest removing masks, but masks can only be removed after the other person agrees to do so.

Women in particular can enjoy our exclusive masks for free. Here in our app, protecting women is our priority, they deserve a better social environment.

stay connected

If you both want to stay in touch after the call, you can choose to become friends and you’ll be able to text, voice, or video chat with each other later.

AI-based matches

Fast, accurate and secure matching with global users. If you don’t want to miss out just keep the conversation going…otherwise, move on to the next person.

Reliable socialization

Are you afraid of fake users? Fear no more! Verify your authenticity can make sure you meet people with 100% real profile during 1 on 1 video chats.

Live subtitles

The app connects you with new friends from all over the world. Feel free to speak and chat in your native language, because all conversations can be translated in real time. No more language limits.

Featured services

More amazing functions are waiting for you, unlock and have a try today!

How to use the Heyy app

After installing Heyy, register and fill in your profile. Next, set your search preferences and start a random video chat. Meet new people and make useful connections as much as you want, you can also find active and famous people in the [Popular] feature. It will be an effective way to find someone who is very popular.

Important rules for using Heyy

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to use the hay app.
  2. Do not send offensive messages, hate speech or sexually explicit content.
  3. Be careful when providing sensitive information, because you are responsible for the information you send to the other party once you connect through Heyy.

What's new

-Fixed recording bugs.
-Fixed crashed bugs.



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