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Dalily is the best Arabic caller ID and search engine for identifying real and true caller. It has more intelligence than other search engine. Dalily caller lets you search beyond your existing phone book list, identify unknown incoming calls and names.
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Feb 5, 2019
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Dalily application – know the name of the caller

Dalily Application

My guide to know the name of the caller

Dalily is considered the best application to search for the name of the caller and identify his true identity, as it has the feature of intelligence and speed while searching in hundreds of millions of records and numbers.

The application enables you to search through the caller’s number or name in the following countries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Oman – Qatar – Yemen – Jordan – Lebanon – Syria – Egypt – Iraq – Morocco – Tunisia – Algeria – Sudan – Palestine – Libya – Comoros – Djibouti – Mauritania – Somalia.

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The basic idea of ​​the application is to enable the user to identify the identity of the caller and display his name and photo, if any, and the application did not stop at that, but added many features for users, such as the ability to block specific numbers, back up contacts, as well as access to emergency numbers for the country and more

After you download the dalily apk program to detect the identity of the caller and know the numbers, in addition to the Dalily program for the iPhone, Dalily apk provides its services to all Arab countries, where you will be able to use the application to detect unknown numbers, and to know the owners of the real numbers.

You can also put the number in the search box, and it will show you all the data related to it, such as its name, photo and e-mail, as well as its accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, if it is linked to its personal number, and also shows the flag of its country from Between the data and the availability of emergency numbers for that country.

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You will be able to copy all this data and save it in the storage memory or send it as an e-mail to your friends or any contact you want.

When you use dalily caller id to find out the name of the caller, you will not find better than this application, as it is the most prominent in this field and gives you easy access to the numbers. Facebook and others.

You will also be able to block the numbers you do not want, and what is unique about the application is that my guide for hacked APK contains a very large database, with more than a billion cell phone numbers inside.

Dalily app features

  • Search by name or phone number.
  • Show the caller’s name while calling if the number is unknown
  • Notify the user if their phone number is searched
  • Show the personal picture of people in the search results, if any
  • Show all the names related to the number and arrange them according to the most recent
  • Show all available information about the person such as personal photo, address, job or place of work
  • Show the person’s e-mail and also social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, if any
  • Show if the number is registered in the WhatsApp application or not
  • Speed ​​in carrying out the search process and showing results
  • View the directory of emergency numbers for each country
  • Improvement of the “Who Find Me” service that allows you to know who searched for your number in my download directory.
  • Adding the Contacts feature that allows you to communicate with your contacts by making a call, WhatsApp message, or e-mail.
  • Adding a backup feature that allows you to back up your contacts and send them by e-mail.
  • Block unwanted calls.
  • Remove bad names.
  • Name Improvement Service.
  • And privacy settings, the ability to change the profile picture.
  • Added the feature of literal translation of Arabic names.
  • You can upload your video directly from your camera or video files
  • The ability to find out the last place where Dalily users appeared in the search results
  • Possibility to raise identity proof through name improvement requests
  • Add the subscription feature to remove ads
  • New simpler and easier user interface


All the information used in the Dalily – caller id for iphone application is information available on the Internet and the application aims to collect it in one place for easy access

What's new


- Bug fixes



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