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Cube ACR is one of the most popular call recording applications available for free on Android and iPhone devices. The application works secretly in the background without the knowledge of those calling the phone.
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What is the Cube ACR call recorder application?

Call Recorder – The most technically advanced Cube ACR ، Phone and VoIP call logs. Supports call recording for most versions of Android devices. If you have already tried to record calls using other call recording apps and did not get a satisfactory result, try Call Recorder – Cube ACR, it works better.

Cube ACR

Cube ACR is one of the most popular call recording applications available for free on Android and iPhone devices. The application works secretly in the background without the knowledge of those calling the phone.

When you start any internal or external call, the application automatically plays a recording for both parties using the phone’s microphone and speakers. The recording quality is as high as 96 kbps, ensuring sound clarity.

After the call ends, the application saves the recording as a compressed audio file in a private library within the phone’s memory that can only be accessed through the application. It also stores call data, such as the phone number or date, to facilitate the search process later.

The application allows the user to access the list of all recorded calls, search through them and play any recording without the need for an Internet connection. Recordings can also be exported to your email or chat applications.



Even if your device does not support cellular calls, you can use the call recorder to record calls from Skype , Viber , WhatsApp and similar apps.

The first thing you need to do after opening the call recorder app is to accept the permissions required by the Cube ACR app so that it can work properly in the background while you make your call as usual. Once you begin this initial process, you will be able to open the app every time you make a call. This way, all you need is one click to start recording your call, regardless of its duration.


The most important thing about the Cube ACR application is that it will automatically allow you to start recording the call without having to open it first. Thus, it will start recording the call from the first moment, avoiding any delays and you will also be able to automatically determine which calls you can store.

How does Cube ACR work?

Cube ACR is a call recording app for smartphones. The application works by:

  1. Access the phone’s microphone and speaker to record the voice of both ends of the call.
  2. Automatically play the recording when the call starts without both parties knowing.
  3. Save the recording in the phone’s memory in audio format that can be played later.
  4. The ability to classify and index recordings by phone number or call date.
  5. Provides a recording notification feature for the user before starting the call if he wants.
  6. The application runs in the background without having to open it during the call.

In general, the application secretly records all incoming and outgoing calls without the knowledge of the calling parties.

Where are recorded calls saved?

call recorder-cube acr using the CubeACR app are saved within the mobile phone’s memory.

The application creates a special folder to store call audio recording files, and this folder is usually hidden and not directly accessible from the content list on the phone.

However, the user can access the recordings by entering the application and searching or browsing among the recorded calls by date or phone number.

The user can also export recordings outside the phone by connecting the phone to the computer or transferring the files to an external memory.

So the place where the recordings are stored is the mobile phone memory inside a special folder that cannot be accessed directly.

Features of the Cube ACR application

The most important features of the Cube-ACR call recording application:

  1. Automatically record all calls without the knowledge of the calling parties.
  2. High quality recordings using the phone’s microphone.
  3. Saving recordings in compressed audio files does not take up much space.
  4. Categorize recordings by date and calling phone number.
  5. The ability to search for any recording easily.
  6. Play recordings without the need for the Internet.
  7. The feature of sending the recording as an audio file via mail or messages.
  8. Available for free on Android and iOS devices.
  9. Ease of use and distinctive interface.
  10. Protecting privacy and not being able to access recordings without a password.

Therefore, the Cube ACR application is considered one of the best call recording programs in ease and quality.

Advantages of the Cube ACR application, the paid version

  1. Cloud backup, save call recordings to Google Drive.
  2. Password lock, protect your recordings from prying eyes and ears.
  3. More audio formats, save recordings in MP4 quality and change their quality.
  4. Save to memory card Move your recordings to the memory card and use it as an automatic saving location.
  5. Move the phone to teach Move your phone while recording calls to teach the important parts of them.
  6. Intelligent memory management, delete old junk calls (no star) and ignore short calls.
  7. Post-call actions Play, share, or delete the recording once the conversation is over.

call recorder cube acr download

Steps to download and install cube acr for iphone or android operating systems:

  1. Open the app store on your phone, which is Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.
  2. Search for the app named “cube acr helper app” or “Cube ACR”.
  3. Click on the Download or Install app button.
  4. Before installation you may be asked to agree to some permissions such as microphone access and calls.
  5. Click OK to continue downloading and installation.
  6. After completing, click Open to enter the application directly.
  7. Register your data to login next time.
  8. Now start using the app to record your calls.

These are the simple steps to download and install the application on your device.

What's new

- Initial presets updated;
- Stability improvements and other fixes.



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