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Download bt instagram gold or the Penguin Insta application, which is a modified version of the Instagram application, but with more features that the original application does not provide you with.
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Download Instagram Golden Abu Arab latest version BT Instagram V7.0

Download BT Insta Penguin Instagram or the Penguin Insta application, which is a modified version of the Instagram application, but with more features that the original application does not provide you with. In this article, we will talk about the BT Insta application in detail and its most important features and how to download Penguin Instagram. The Penguin Instagram application provides you with many additions that you will not find. In the original application, through which the application gained great popularity among Instagram users

Download golden penguin insta bt insta download penguin instagram

bt instagram gold is one of the most famous modified versions of Instagram that allows you many additions and features such as downloading photos and videos without the need for download programs that help you save them and watch anyone’s story without them knowing, and you can After downloading BT Insta, follow all the world’s celebrities and follow their accounts without any problems at all.

Download Golden Penguin Instagram update 2024

Downloading Instagram Gold is the most widely used application after WhatsApp and Facebook by millions of people, so many people recommend using the Instagram version using the Golden method. Which is considered a new application with wonderful features that are not available in the official application or even in other modified versions. Instagram Penguin is considered the best modified version of all the versions due to its complete compatibility with all versions of Android and working on it without any problems occurring with the application, unlike many versions that have been modified. Modify it, so it is recommended to download Insta using the latest version, which works alongside the official application without problems.

Features of Golden Penguin Instagram BT Instagram apk

  • It is easy to use because it has many sections that facilitate its use.
  • Compatible with many versions of Android in all its versions.
  • Penguin Instagram is very safe and there is no harm in downloading it on your phone and using it.
  • Btinsta Instagram Gold is characterized by the fact that it does not contain annoying ads.
  • The Golden Penguin BT Insta Instagram program contains many features, such as removing likes and removing those who viewed posts.
  • The ability to copy the BIO by simply clicking and long on the bio of any profile that will appear to you.
  • Download stories on your phone with ease from within Penguin Instagram with just the click of a button.
  • The application contains the feature of translating and copying comments.
  • The ability to open personal photos of any account, even if it is private.
  • You can open more than one account through Penguin Instagram.
  • Hide view stories download insta gold.
  • The ability to activate automatic video playback.

New features in BT Insta Instagram Penguin V7.0

  • Show hidden chats by long pressing on the search box.
  • Solve the problem of delayed messages
  • Fixes and improvements in the application
  • Fix all crash problems
  • New design for the application lock interface

How to download photos and videos from Instagram Golden Penguin

The way to download photos and videos on Insta Gold iPhone is very easy. All you have to do is open the Instagram Penguin application, and when you find a photo or video that you want to download, you will find a download arrow icon at the bottom of the post. Just click on it and Instagram Penguin will download it for you directly and save it on your device.

bt insta download

Download instagram penguin bt insta download

Download the instagold apk update download. You can enjoy many features in the instagold application, in terms of the application’s ability to download any videos or photos from the application directly and without the need to download auxiliary programs or the like. The latest version of Instagram, the Golden Penguin, was not limited to downloading images. Not only does it have many features and additions, which you can access and control by opening the interface for your personal profile, and pressing the button at the top left if your phone is in Arabic, and an interface will appear that contains many options, including golden Instagram additions, such as the one in the following image. .

Insta penguin

Download bt insta

What are the new additions to Golden Penguin Instagram BT Instagram V7.0

  • Adding all the new features of Instagram Penguin Download.
  • Modification of the chat screen and the ability to specify the background color of the chat screen.
  • Hide the translation icon.
  • Add a picture as a background to chat conversations.
  • The feature of changing the font in Instagram.
  • Modify privacy, hide the display of stories, and hide the writing status in messages.
  • The ability to increase the duration of the video size in stories from 15 to 60 seconds and improve the quality of the story.
  • Highlight download.
  • You can remove application icons (due to random crashes).
  • Solve the problem of hiding the story display and solve the problem of direct ghost mode.
  • Remove all ads.
  • All crash problems and many fixes and improvements discover for yourself.

Privacy settings in the Bt Insta application, latest version

  • Hide view of stories
  • Do not mark messages as read
  • Explain the direct ghost
  • Hide writing status in a direct message
  • Disable analytics

Special features in the Bt insta download golden application

  • Disable stories
  • Remove liked posts from covers
  • Disable ads
  • Remove suggested posts
  • Remove carousel posts
  • Remove video posts (reduce net usage)
  • Remove who viewed the post
  • Loading lower quality images
  • Download lower quality video
  • Disable marketing elements in search
  • Recommended friends

UI gesture additions

  • Activate double tap to like
  • Enlarge images with a long click
  • Disable scrolling to navigate
  • Download media with a triple click
  • Enable redirection

Is it safe to download Instagram Plus Gold on phones?

Penguin Instagram for iPhone is safe and free of viruses, and Golden Penguin Instagram is used by millions of users who have downloaded and used it as a basic alternative to the official application, due to the additions it provides, so do not worry about any personal account information being leaked or even your Instagram account being hacked.

Link to download Insta Gold for Android, latest version bt instagram download v7.0

Download Instagram Penguin

What's new

[Update base] Instagram to
[Add] All new Instagram features
[Exclusive] You can now show hidden chats by long pressing on the search box
[Add] A new design for the application lock option
[Remove] Fast Video Redirection by Instagram
[Fix] Developer options
[Fix] Crash problem when changing the language in Android 12
[Fix] All crash problems
[More] Fixes and improvements discover it yourself

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