B612 is the all-in-one camera & photo/video editing app. We offer various free features and tools to make every moment more special.
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Dec 20, 2023
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What is the B612 application?

B612 application icon
B612 application icon

B612 is the best all-in-one camera, photo and video editing app. It offers many free features and tools to make every moment more special. Learn about trendy effects, filters and stickers updated every day.

In total, the B612 contains more than 50 different filters. You can choose any by sliding your finger along the bottom of the screen, where you can see a small preview of how the photo will look. You can also simply move your finger over the image to apply a random filter.

With the use of the B612 program camera, you will not need to have a professional camera with you, as your phone will now become your camera. You can also adjust the dimensions of the image through it to ensure the best shooting result. This application is one of the best applications for photography and selfies for Android.

One of the most important features offered by the B612 – Best Free Camera application is the watch, which you can use to be able to take selfies remotely. The application also provides you with another important feature that you may not find in most other similar applications, which is the feature of shooting a video from within the application using all the capabilities of the application while recording sound in the video.

Why is the B612 program not working?

There are several possible reasons why the B612 app may not work on some devices. Here are some common causes and potential solutions:

  1. System update: Check if the operating system on the device is updated to the latest version. Sometimes, an application needs a specific version of the operating system to work properly.
  2. Compatibility: The app’s operability depends on the compatibility with your smart device and its specifications. Make sure that your device meets the operating requirements described in the App Store or on the developer’s website.
  3. Installation problems: There may be an error in the installation process. In this case, you can try to reinstall the app by uninstalling it and re-downloading it from the appropriate app store.
  4. Internet connection issue: The B612 app may require an internet connection to work properly. Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection on your device.
  5. Settings issue: There may be certain settings on your device that are interfering with the app working. In this case, check the device settings and make sure they are set correctly.

If none of these potential solutions resolve the issue, you can contact app support (through the developer’s website, email, or support forums) for technical assistance. They may have additional information about the issue and how to fix it on your particular device.

B612 application characteristics

B612 AI Photo
B612 AI Photo

Create your own filters

  • Create a unique filter and share it with friends
  • It’s okay even if this is your first time creating the filter. Filters are easily completed with just a few touches.
  • Learn about the creative and diverse filters of B612 creators.

Smarter camera

  • Apply filters and beauty in real time to capture every moment as your photos of the day.
  • Don’t miss daily updated AR effects and exclusive trendy seasonal filters
  • Smart Beauty: Get the perfect recommendation for your face shape and create your own personalized beauty style
  • AR Makeup: Create a natural look from everyday makeup to trendy makeup. You can adjust the beauty and makeup to suit you.
  • Shoot clearly anytime, anywhere with HD mode and Night mode.
  • Capture funny moments with Gif Bounce feature. Create it as a gif and share it with your friends for double the fun!
  • From video shooting to post-editing with over 500 types of music. Turn your everyday life into a music video.
  • You can use a custom audio source for music by extracting an audio source from your video.

B612 application features:

  1. The application is completely free, so it does not require you to pay a fee in order to download the application on your phone or in order to obtain more features.
  2. Mute feature: Through this feature, you can take pictures anywhere you want without drawing attention to the sound coming from the camera.
  3. Save the image automatically. This feature enables you to save the images automatically as soon as you take them, or choose to save them manually as you want. You can also choose to share the image directly afterwards with social networking sites for friends or family.
  4. The application scans the face directly in order to speed up the process of taking the photo with high quality.
  5. Record a video of selfies for a 6-second clip.
  6. Support for the phone’s rear camera, where you can move your finger up and down the screen so that your friends can see the world from your unique perspective.
  7. Random filter to add a distinctive character to the image.
  8. Grading the lighting to focus on the center of the image and darken the edges of the image.
  9. Shift photography, where the application enables you to focus to obtain a realistic and beautiful image.
  10. Sharing: You can publish your photos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Editing tools in B612

B612 camera application tools
B612 camera application tools

Enjoy professional essential tools for free

  • Various filters and effects: from vintage style to emotional modern style! Create the atmosphere you want.
  • Advanced color editing: Enjoy precise color editing with tools like Pro Curves, Split Tone, and HSL that brings out details
  • More natural photo editing: Complete your everyday photos with beauty effects, body editing and hair color styling.
  • Edit Videos: Anyone can easily edit videos with trendy effects and diverse music.
  • Borders and Cropping: Simply adjust the size and ratio and upload to social media.
  • Decorative stickers and texts: Decorate your photos with different stickers and texts! You can also make and use custom stickers.

Download a photography program with b612 filter

To download the B612 app on your Android or iPhone, you can follow these steps:

Download the b612 application for Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Search for “B612” In the search bar.
  3. Select the B612 application from the displayed results.
  4. Click the “Install” button To download the application to your phone.
  5. After the download and installation is complete, the app icon will appear on your phone’s home screen or in your apps list.

Download the b612 application for iPhone

  1. Open the App Store on your phone.
  2. Search for “B612” In the search bar.
  3. Select the B612 application from the displayed results.
  4. Click the “Install” button Or the price code to download the application to your phone.
  5. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID/Face ID to verify your identity before downloading the app.
  6. After the download and installation is complete, the app icon will appear on your phone’s home screen or in your apps list.

Make sure you’re downloading the app from a trusted source, such as the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone.

What's new

[Hair color]
Correction > Hair Color feature has been added! Discover even more colors like ash and ombre.
In addition to color, you can also correct your hair texture.

[Body Correction]
4 new body corrections (Neck muscle, Square shoulders, Chest, Arms (thinner)) added!
Try even more body corrections right now!

Combine multiple photos and create a collage.


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