Did you ever felt, that one Charger/USB cable set charges your device really fast and the other not? Now, you can prove this with Ampere.
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Nov 21, 2022
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Download the Ampere app to measure battery life and charger

Ampere app

Have you ever felt, that one Charger/USB cable combo charges your device very fast and the other one doesn’t? Now, you can prove this with Ampere. And measure the charging and discharging current of the battery.

Explanation of the Ampere app

Ampere is a tool that measures the battery status and type of a smartphone and displays information about its level of performance such as the amount of charge in it and the rate of consumption, and you can find out if the old charger is still working or if it should be changed in order to recharge your device in a safer and more efficient way.

ampere app

The information provided by the ampere apk can vary depending on whether you are connected to a power source, but generally it can tell you the battery status, the current battery percentage, and please do not use the readings on this app as concrete science. However, the readings are good enough to measure the exposure of various chargers and USB cables on the same device.

If the app shows 0mA all the time, please use the “Old Measurement Method” settings option. You can force the app to use the old benchmarking interface, if your Lollipop device has at least one.

Not every device is supported because there are devices that lack a suitable metering chip (or interface) and cannot be supported at all. Please read the list of unsupported phones at the end of the description.


Unfortunately, some Samsung devices do not give the correct (measured) values ​​(eg: S5), only the maximum charging current of the actual USB cable/charger configuration. This is a firmware problem.

The app is not intended to be accurate. It’s only good for evaluating which charger/ USB cable combo works best for you on the same device.

ampere app download features

Background information: The app measures the charging/discharging current of the battery. If your phone is not connected to a charger, you will see the discharge current as negative. If you connect a charger, the current provided by the charger will be used to supply your phone and the remaining power will be charged to the battery.

If your phone consumes 300mA without charger connected (-300mA on screen), the 500mA charger will charge the battery max with 200mA current (200mA on screen).

Technical information: The current shown is the average value from 50 measurements minus the top 10 values ​​and the bottom 10 values. The displayed current can be shaky, unstable, or even zero which means that the Android system is providing unstable values. Each company uses different types of batteries and other devices which makes it difficult to get accurate results about the charger.

LiPo batteries do not max out for the entire time it takes to charge the phone. If the battery is almost fully charged, the charging current will be much lower than when the battery levels low.

Phones that don’t work in the Ampere app

  • Galaxy Grand Prime – fortuna3gdtv
  • Galaxy Note2 – t03g ، t03gchn ، t03gchnduos ، t03gcmcc ، t03gctc ، t03gcuduos
  • Galaxy S3 – d2att, d2spr, d2vmu
  • Galaxy Tab4 7.0 – degas3g
  • HTC Desire 510 – htc_a11ul8x26
  • HTC One S (ville), X (endeavour), XL (evita)
  • HTC Sensation 4G – The Pyramid

كيف يقوم Ampere بفحص التيار في الجهاز

يعتمد ampere app على العديد من الأشياء مثل شاحن (USB / AC / لاسلكي), كابل USB, نوع الهاتف حيث يدعم التطبيق بعض الأجهزه أيضا المهام الحالية قيد التشغيل من أحد العوامل التي عن طريقها يقوم بقياس التيار في الجهاز مثل سطوع الشاشة, حالة الوايفاي و GPS.

Features of the Ampere app

  1. This application is characterized by lightness, speed, and low consumption of your phone’s resources.
  2. The application does not run in the background, that is, it only works when you want this and you open it yourself, which saves battery consumption.
  3. Through it, you can know the validity of the battery and charger.
  4. You can tell the imitated charger with high quality and the poor charger.
  5. The app measures the voltage that the charger is sending to the phone.
  6. The application works on all chargers.
  7. Battery temperature details Complete information about batteries.

How does Ampere check the current in a device?

The ampere-app depends on many things such as a charger (USB / AC / wireless), USB cable, type of phone, as the application supports some devices, also the current tasks are running from one of the factors through which it measures the current in the device such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi status and GPS.

Important notes 

  • Please do not give a wrong rating, if your phone is one of the above. It’s not the app’s fault, but your phone doesn’t support this type of measurement yet.
  • If the app is not working on your device with pre-Lollipop Android version, please read the first two posts in this XDA Developer forum thread: Please post your issue with screenshots in the XDA thread.


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