Ahlan - Ahlan is an audio entertainment community dedicated to users in Arab countries, Meet new people here and have fun.
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Aug 31, 2022
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Download Ahlan – Group Voice Chat App

Ahlan - Group Voice Chat

What is the Ahlan app?

Ahlan – Ahlan is an audio entertainment community dedicated to users in Arab countries, Meet new people here and have fun. You don’t need to show your face in Hello, you can participate in various social chats and interactive games with your voice, here you can meet strangers in thousands of different places, find like-minded people to become friends, here you may find the story of what you like. Every moment here can bring you happiness, because Ahlan is a complete entertainment program.

Ahlan - Group Voice Chat

Downloading Ahlan Chat can bring you happiness, because the Ahlan Chat program is an integrated entertainment program, it is a social audio application designed for Arabs through which you can meet friends by voice, and build different relationships with others. The Ahlan Chat application has a very distinct graphical interface that is different from other chat applications such as Popo , where cheerful colors and fun graphics appear that give a special atmosphere to the chat.

The application includes a feature of voice and text chat between a large number of users within the same room. With the ability to create chat rooms under a specific area of ​​interest, whether for friendship or for competitions and games. This allows a wide range of different activities.

The ahlan apk also includes a wonderful collection of different social games that attract people to try it. Among these games is the wheel of the wheel to compete between more than one person in one room. In addition to Ludo, which is one of the most popular social games in the world.

Group Voice Chat

When you use the Ahlan Chat program for voice chat, you do not need to show your face, and this is a feature that many people prefer at a time when most applications rely on the image before the voice for acquaintance.

Ahlan Features – Ahlan

Meet friends by voice
Enjoy voice chatting in our room and meet a lot of interesting friends

Contact all the world
We cover the entire Middle East and you can meet a lot of interesting strangers

Various fun activities
Here respectable girls and gentlemen accompany you to chat and sing, there are many wonderful and interesting activities waiting for you to participate

A variety of cool gifts, luxury sports cars, beautiful avatar frames and other decorations to choose

Close Friends
Come and build the special relationship with your friends and you can become or become your CP, and show it to the whole world

It also provides a large group of chat
rooms, each of which is interested in a specific activity, whether for parties, competitions, or to meet new friends.

Chat and Enjoy Games
The ahlan live Chat program includes a distinguished group of social games that users can enjoy and hold competitions.

Connect to the whole world
The app covers the entire Middle East region, and you can meet a lot of interesting new friends.

Great Gifts
There are a wide variety of cool gifts, luxury sports cars, beautiful tires and various other decorations to choose from.

كيفية الربح من تطبيق Ahlan

يحتوي التطبيق على طريقة للراغبين بالعمل وكسب المال في أوقات الدردشات واللعب كل ماعليك هو الانضمام إلى وكالة معينة من الوكالات الموجودة على هذا التطبيق والتي يبلغ عددها اكثر من ١٠٠ الف وكالة والتسجيل بها لتصبح مؤهلاً لربح المال من خلال تجميع النقاط التي تحصل عليها من القيام بالمهام اليومية أومن عجلة الحظ . ويمكنك أيضاً تبادل الدعم مع الاصدقاء المسجلين بنفس الوكالة التي تعمل بها .

إن هذا العمل سيوفر لك ربح المال بسهولة وكسب اكثر من 500 دولار شهرياً بطريقة سهلة ومضمونة عن طريق مشرف أوصاحب العلاقة بالوكالة التي سجلت بها ويتم الدفع كل أول شهر حسب النقاط التي وفرتها من العمل على المهام وتبادل الدعم مع الاشخاص واللعب بعجلة الحظ وغيرها.

Ahlan features

  1. It enables you to meet friends using the fun voice chat, a large number of people talking and chatting together.
  2. It provides a variety of cool gifts, luxury sports cars, beautiful avatar frame and other decorations for selection.
  3. Connect with a lot of people around the Arab world, where you will find a lot of people who share the same thinking, skills and ideas.
  4. There are a large number of features within the application such as the ability to change photo frames, and many other things.
  5. Within the group chat, very interesting entertainment parties are held, where the talents of the users are displayed and shared.
  6. It includes a lot of wonderful interactive emojis that add to your chat more entertainment and fun.
  7. The Ahlan Chat application contains many features that enable you to change the photo frame, decorate it, and things like that.
  8. Ahlan Chat contains 14 chat rooms for all Arab countries.


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